Sakarya KONE


As Group CEO, Sakarya KONE has been instrumental in transforming the company into one with strategic, tactical, operational, multi-business advantage and in finding solutions for sustainable and profitable growth to increase the value of the SANCFIS Group.

A balance and steering modalities were not too much for him to ensure the synergy of actions between the Group and its 8) subsidiaries

Successively, Director of Network Infrastructure of AFRIPA Telecom Group, then General Manager and General Administrator of Alink Telecom Faso (which he launched in 2005)

Are important, the respect of the collaborators, the commitment with the customers and being useful to the community.

Polytechnic graduate from 'École Supérieure d'Industrie de L'Institut National Polytechnique de Yamoussoukro (Côte d'Ivoire).

Passionate about soccer