Identity & Biometrics

Identity & Biometrics

SANCFIS, in partnership with global technology leaders, delivers reliable and proven ABIS/AFIS biometric technologies to provide a wide range of mobile and online services.

Our Digital Health Care solution helps fight fraud by verifying the identity of insured persons. It is based on a secure biometric card (electronic chip), biometric identification equipment at the health professionals (fingerprint reader, card reader and photo).

It allows to trace the insured's visit to a health professional (signature and log available by computer trace). It is compatible with online identification (reading the card with an NFC smartphone, verification by facial recognition, via highly secure software).

Our biometric card and verification solution can be extended to new services (CNI, Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Driving License, Pension etc.) and is fully scalable. The system complies with the laws and practices regarding the collection of personal information. This solution offers an excellent return on investment in the fight against fraud.

*Biometrics is the analysis of physical characteristics strictly specific to a person (voice, face, iris, fingerprints...).
Our services
  • Biometric enrolment of citizens
  • Production of biometric cards
  • Authentication transaction on the ABIS server
  • Development by updating business applications and traceability of operations
  • Static on the use of services.
  • ID Verification alone has a list of services (Read and Verify, Photo and Verify, E-Read and Verify, Selfie and Verify
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