Radio communication

Civil and military radio communication

The control of information is essential, it is a matter of sovereignty and security of a state.

The armed forces, navy, law enforcement and security forces must have dedicated communications resources to command operations throughout the national territory.

Together with our strategic partners in radio communication, we offer solutions for the defense, security and civil protection, humanitarian and peacekeeping markets.

Our mission is to provide communication solutions that enable our customers to better communicate in order to ultimately save lives, create security and meet their local needs.

Our radio communication division is composed of engineers trained and certified for the design, operation and maintenance of HF and VHF radio communication systems.

SANCFIS therefore has a strong ability to optimize the development and delivery of sophisticated electronic products and associated software, offering cost-effective solutions to a wide range of customers in the radio communication markets.

With nearly 30 years in business, SANCFIS has built an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our services
  • The SANCFIS HF tactical radio solution provides radio communication between one or more Transmitters/Receivers using radio waves as a transmission medium, in the 2Mhz to 30Mhz frequency band.
  • The VHF tactical radio is a radio communication solution between one or more transmitters/receivers with radio waves as transmission support, in the frequency band from 30Mhz to 88Mhz.
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